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Skilled Nursing Care - Resident & nurse
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Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care in a Home-Like Setting

Foulkeways knows that your health and wellness are important to you, so what should you do when you require more specialized care but still want to live an active lifestyle? Gwynedd House, our skilled nursing care facility, offers the higher level of care you need while still providing you with an engaging and social lifestyle. Our skilled nursing center is connected to our main campus and our personal care facility by ‘Main Street,’ a quarry stone walkway created to provide a sense of community to Foulkeways residents living in both Abington House and Gwynedd House. Our rehabilitation and activities centers are also a part of Gwynedd House, serving the needs of the entire community.

Each of our large, private rooms in our skilled nursing facility boast a home-like environment, abundant natural light, a large private bathroom with shower, a spacious, walk-in closet, and a keepsake nook outside each door. Rooms are arranged into four neighborhoods, consisting of ten rooms each. Each neighborhood has its own nursing care base, living area, kitchen and family-styled dining room, to foster the feel of apartment home living and promote the benefits of daily interpersonal interactions among residents.

Foulkeways ‘Resident-Centered’ care creates a comfortable environment for residents without the hospital feel so often associated with other skilled nursing care homes. Residents in Gwynedd House receive individualized care based on carefully monitored, personalized, health assessments, designed to not only provide comprehensive health care, but to also honor residents’ lifelong practices and preferences. No mass wakeup calls created to accommodate staffing schedules, here. Rather, our skilled nursing care center promotes personal dignity and individuality to help maintain a sense of self that is so important to us all, regardless of our age or circumstances.

To schedule a tour of our campus or for more information about our skilled nursing care, please call 215-283-7010.

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