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Peace of Mind QA
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Peace of Mind Q&A

Have a question for us? Check out our senior living Q&A for frequently asked questions or contact us to request more information on life at Foulkeways.

Why move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community when I don’t need care?

Don’t let the name fool you!

The majority of our 400 residents are independent, active, engaged adults, 65 and older.  They chose Foulkeways, not because they were in need of care, but rather, so they do not find themselves, or their family members, having to seek care when, at some inescapable time in their future, the need arises.

The assurance of our Continuing Care Contract guarantees that when the time arrives, you will be taken care of in the SAME community that you have come to call ‘home.’ Foulkeways is a single-site community, and we pride ourselves with our highly rated on-site care.

Postponing decisions regarding later-life care will almost certainly lead to finding yourself in a place that offered a vacancy rather than the quality of care you deserve. Leaving future health care decisions to ‘fate’ is a risky business. Statistics show that the majority of us will spend the last three to five years of our life in need of personal care/assisted living and skilled nursing care.

Plan for you future now. Don’t wait too long.

What if I outlive my money?

No one has ever been asked to leave Foulkeways due to diminished assets. Through the generosity of generations who have come before you, your future is assured through our Foulkeways Assistance Fund.

What if I change my mind and want to leave the community?

Foulkeways has a six month ‘honeymoon’ period, where, should you decide to leave, you will receive your entry fee back, in its entirety.

Yes, we are THAT sure you will love it here!

Why should I pay for health care BEFORE I need it?

“Most of us will find ourselves in need of health care at some point in our future.”

You can postpone the inevitable, and hope a family member will make the right decisions regarding your care, AND be able to locate a provider with vacancies, in a facility that meets your approval or you can make your plans NOW!

Choosing to pay for health care before you need it allows you to choose the provider, the standards of care, and the manner in which your care will be delivered. The choice is up to you.

And if you still need further proof that pre-planning your health care is a wise decision, the IRS allows you to consider a portion of your Foulkeways entry fee and a portion of your Foulkeways monthly fees as a ‘pre-paid’ health care expense, similar to the deductions you are allowed when you purchase long-term health care insurance.

Talk to a member of our Marketing Team for more details, you’ll be glad you did.

Do I get a discount since I have long term health care insurance?

No discount, but kudos for preplanning.

When the time is right, your insurance policy will make payments, directly to you. You can determine how to best utilize these payments to cover expenses.


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