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Balance Exercises with Carolyn Leevy

Foulkeways Fitness Director Carolyn Leevy demonstrates some methods to improve your balance as you age with "Navigating Life" series from The Intelligencer.

Foulkeways Fitness Director, Carolyn Leevy, with resident, Hugh, demonstrates methods to improve balance for The Intelligencer’s “Navigating Life” series.

Click here to see how Hugh, Foulkeways resident, challenges his balance under the instruction of Carolyn Leevy, Foulkeways Fitness Director. If you try these exercises at home, be safe. Don’t do anything too risky and be in reach of a counter or chair in case additional support is needed.

Since joining the Foulkeways community in 1993, Carolyn’s passion continues to be working with older adults. She is determined to offer relevant, evidence-based programming that is fun, purposeful, and beneficial to Foulkeways residents throughout the continuum of care. Carolyn also serves as a learning advocate to students aspiring to serve in the field of Gerokinesiology.

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