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Fish Market Recipes with Chef Pomeroy

Fish Market Recipes with Foulkeways Executive Chef Ryan Pomeroy

The Chef’s Kitchen featured Fish Market Recipes with Foulkeways at Gwynedd Executive Chef Ryan Pomeroy. The Chef’s Kitchen provides tips and techniques from the nation’s top chefs in a reality television format. In this epsiode of the Chef’s Kitchen, Chef Pomeroy makes cashew crusted local Blue Catfish with a stone fruit relish and pan seared Halibut with a red quinoa cake and sautéed shaved brussel sprouts and apples.

The Chef’s Kitchen episode features the Fish Market Recipes that Executive Chef Mike Pomeroy serves in Foulkeways dining room. The Fish Market program offers a different selection of fresh fish every night for Foulkeways residents and staff. Conscious of what is going on in the environment, sustainable choices of fish are provided on the menu. The Residents pick their fish and then they can customize their it with a topping of their choice. The fish is cooked to order in front of them, whether it is sauted or grilled.

Chef Pomeroy uses a fresh selection of herbs in the cooking that come from the Foulkeways herb garden outside of one of the dining venues. The Chef has a keep it simple approach with his cooking and lets the flavors compliment the dish. He also cooks with a lot of acids, herbs and full flavors to minimize the salt. It keeps the food very fresh and vibrant.

The menus at Foulkeways are changed twice a year. There are also multiple events throughout the year that have special menus. Special diets and dietary preferences are accomodated with a meeting with the chef and the wellness dietician. They meet with a resident and talk about their needs, what they can or can not eat and then customize their menu.

Source: The Chef’s Kitchen. Published on Dec 9, 2014

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